Frequently Asked Questions

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Common FAQ's

Does Brothers Call Ahead?

We do not call ahead, for some services we can provide a time frame but for regular maintenance services, we cannot call ahead.

Is Brothers Hiring?

Visit our Hiring page to apply.

Do you offer one-time cuts?

No all of our customers are on a schedule

Do You Provide Free Estimates For Services?

Yes! Except for irrigation assessments

When Will I receive My Estimate?

Maintenance services will be received promptly, landscape estimates are normally same day after the estimator gets to the office, complex projects will depend on sourcing materials.

Why Do I need To Provide A Credit Card?

Using a credit card allows us to provide reliable and prompt service to everyone we work with rather than spending time tracking down different payment methods we are able to focus on making your lawn green!

What are the Terms Of Payment?

We bill on the first of the month following the previous months services.

Do You Provide Residential Services?

Yes! We provide both residential and commercial services.

Can I move up the day my service will be performed?

In order to be timely with our services we require that all services be kept on the schedule provided so we do not allow for moving around of service days.

Can I skip my service for the month?

Yes, as long as we have a 24 hour heads up.

Can I pay with a Check?

Not as this time, we prefer credit cards.

If you have any other questions, Feel free to give us a Call!

Our Personal 100% Risk Free Guarantee to You!

We don’t do contracts because we believe our outstanding services are what should earn your business. We want you to love our services so much that you tell all your friends and family about us.  Frankly, we want to serve you and your lawn forever. If you ever have concerns about your lawn, please call our office and we will find the right solution for you!

- Steve, Owner of Brothers Lawn Service & Landscaping

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