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Brothers Services, Inc. has been in business since 2001 and has been incorporated since 2006. It all began one day when Steve Scarsella, Brothers’s owner/operator, was cutting grass at his family’s property. This property had a pretty sizable slope that could only be done by a weed eater. He was tired of using the weed eater he was provided with so he went to purchase a new Shindaiwa weed eater. His mother was, at first, upset that he had spent the money on such an expensive piece of equipment that she told him “you need to find a way to make money with that if you’re going to spend that much money on some equipment”. Well that got the wheels turning and thus the birth of Brothers Services, Inc.


Brothers Services, Inc. has offices in Lafayette, LA and Baton Rouge, LA. We currently hold Louisiana Horticulturist, Irrigation Contractor, Commercial Pesticide Applicator, Turf and Ornamental Applicator, Aquatic and Right of Way Applicator, Ground Applicator Owner-Operator, Backflow Prevention, and Commercial Contractors licenses.


Over the years, Brothers Services has evolved to completely automated trucks via an advanced online scheduling system and tablets to provide the best, most up-to-date service to our clients. Our software allows for specific notes to be provided in real time to our team members. This alone has given us an advantage and puts us second to none in our industry for our area.



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