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Professional Sodding Service

Does your lawn struggle to grow grass every season? Do bare patches and thinning turf plague your property? If you are finally ready to see thriving grass across your lawn, sod installation is the way to go!

Applying fertilizer and seed will not be effective if your lawn’s roots and turf are too weak. At Brothers Lawn Service, we bring you squares of sod that are already thick and well developed. Just give us a call, and we will be there to help create the lawn of your dreams with the top sodding services in Lafayette and Baton Rouge!

Benefits Of Brothers Sodding Services

Quality Sod

We know how to select sod that is healthy, disease-free, and well-suited for Louisiana lawns.

Time Saved

Spend less time preparing your lawn, and more time doing whatever you love. We’ll take care of it!

Faster Results

With proper professional installation, you can enjoy a fully established lawn much sooner.

What Your Neighbors Think


We have been a customer for years and they are top-notch when it comes to lawn care! They’re quick to respond to any concerns or questions we have and we’re always impressed with the quality of work they dedicate to our yard. Would highly recommend them for yard care/maintenance and landscaping!

Taylor Wolf


Fantastic. Accommodating. Friendly. Thorough. The whole team knew the job, not just the head guy. I was walked thru the job multiple times and each member knew what was to be done. They communicated well throughout the job and always in a friendly and informative manner. ...

Daniel Nothdurft


I would like to praise the hard work that Toby & Margarito have done. It definitely evokes feelings of nostalgia to see the meticulous work they do, as well as the tidiness and cleanliness whenever they are finished. It’s refreshing to see people still taking pride in their work.

Mandy LeBlanc


Great services on my landscaping. Excellent job and great suggestions from Brothers on design. I'm a satisfied customer. 5 Star Job.

Anthony Zebeau

Our Personal 100% Risk Free Guarantee to You!

We don’t do contracts because we believe our outstanding services are what should earn your business. We want you to love our services so much that you tell all your friends and family about us.  Frankly, we want to serve you and your lawn forever. If you ever have concerns about your lawn, please call our office and we will find the right solution for you!

- Steve, Owner of Brothers Lawn Service & Landscaping

Sodding Services By Brothers

Brothers Lawn Service & Landscaping is prepared to bring you the very best sodding services in Baton Rouge and Lafayette. From start to finish, our experienced pros will take care of all the planning and implementation, and they will walk you through every step to make sure you are a happy and informed customer!

Sod Preparation

Testing Soil

Your lawn’s soil quality may be the reason you can’t get turf to grow consistently. We will test a sample of the soil on your property to make sure it has proper pH levels. Fertilizers, lime, and organic matter will be used to amend your soil until it is ready for your new sod. The land will also need to be prepared, which entails measuring to determine how much sod is needed, removing existing turf, and leveling/raking the exposed soil. We will get your land as flat as possible in order to install the sod seamlessly.

Sod Delivery

sod delivery preperation

Choosing our landscaping team means receiving quality grass sod at lower rates. We drop your new turf off quickly, ensuring that you get nothing but freshly cut squares each time. Select your new favorite grass type, and we will handle the rest. Whether you prefer Bermudagrass, fescue sod, or zoysiagrass, we guarantee that you’ll love how your new lawn looks. No one else handles your fresh grass with the level of care that we provide at a price you can afford. Just sit back and relax, and we will bring your new lawn right to your door!

Sod Installation

installing new- sod lawn

Some homeowners think that new sod requires that you simply drop it down in place. However, there’s more to sod installation than that. Inexperienced landscapers often do not realize how critical proper placement of sod is to the health and appearance of your lawn. If sod is installed poorly, with overlapping squares or gaps in between strips, your lawn will grow unevenly and become vulnerable to weeds, pests, and more. Thankfully, you can rest assured that Brothers Services only uses the best methods applied by skilled technicians.

Sod Aftercare

man watering recently laid grass sod

Like all lawns, you will need to water your new turf. Watering should begin on the day of installation and should continue daily for up to 30 days. Mowing can wait until the new grass reaches about 3 inches in height. Once mowing begins, take it very slowly to ensure that the mower’s wheels and blades are not digging up the new strips or damaging the turf. After a couple easy mowings, fertilizer treatments can begin. It is important to keep your new lawn well fed and hydrated to make sure the new sod does not shrink.

Start Sodding Today

If you are tired of the frustration you feel from not being able to get your grass to grow, it may be time to sod! When we say that we provide the best sodding services in Louisiana, that means you will have to do nothing but enjoy your brand new lush lawn. Check out our lawn care services to discover the ways we can continue to help your lawn grow. Remember—when your lawn’s appearance matters to you, it matters to Brothers!

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