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Excellent Sprinkler Automation Installation Is As Easy As...

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Sit Back While We Automate Your Sprinklers

Professional Sprinkler Automation Installation

If you live in the Lafayette or Baton Rouge areas, the last thing you want to do is overwater your grass. With the amount of rainfall Louisiana receives in a given year, improperly watering your lawn could have disastrous effects. Luckily, Oliviers offers sprinkler automation services to make sure your lawn always gets the right amount of water and never more than it needs!

Benefits Of Oliviers Sprinkler Automation


Sprinkler automation means never having to take out the hose or stand out in the sun, and you never have to worry about forgetting to water your lawn!


Overwatering can be bad for both your lawn and the environment, but automatic sprinkler systems make improper watering a thing of the past!


Automatic sprinkler systems run on timers that know exactly when to shut off the water to prevent damaging your grass and your bank account!

What Your Neighbors Think


We have been a customer for years and they are top-notch when it comes to lawn care! They’re quick to respond to any concerns or questions we have and we’re always impressed with the quality of work they dedicate to our yard. Would highly recommend them for yard care/maintenance and landscaping!

Taylor Wolf


Fantastic. Accommodating. Friendly. Thorough. The whole team knew the job, not just the head guy. I was walked thru the job multiple times and each member knew what was to be done. They communicated well throughout the job and always in a friendly and informative manner. ...

Daniel Nothdurft


I would like to praise the hard work that Toby & Margarito have done. It definitely evokes feelings of nostalgia to see the meticulous work they do, as well as the tidiness and cleanliness whenever they are finished. It’s refreshing to see people still taking pride in their work.

Mandy LeBlanc


Great services on my landscaping. Excellent job and great suggestions from Brothers on design. I'm a satisfied customer. 5 Star Job.

Anthony Zebeau

Our Personal 100% Risk Free Guarantee to You!

We don’t do contracts because we believe our outstanding services are what should earn your business. We want you to love our services so much that you tell all your friends and family about us.  Frankly, we want to serve you and your lawn forever. If you ever have concerns about your lawn, please call our office and we will find the right solution for you!

- Steve, Owner of Brothers Lawn Service & Landscaping

Rain Bird & Our Sprinkler Automation Services

Oliviers is proud to provide our customers with the Rain Bird Wi-Fi module as part of the automatic sprinkler systems we install. Rain Bird Wi-Fi modules give you complete control over your automatic sprinkler system, even if you are not at your home! You can access them from anywhere in the world on your smart device to adjust your sprinklers at any time. Best of all… you can now access your Rain Bird device through Alexa via voice commands.

Whether you are stuck at work, on vacation, or enjoying the couch too much to get up, you can still use your automatic sprinkler system when you have it installed by Oliviers. For more information on the benefits of sprinkler automation by Oliviers, give us a call today at (337) 981-1375!

Irrigation Automation

Sprinkler automation is a system that automatically waters your lawn based on the amount of rainfall that has taken place and the amount of moisture already present in your lawn. If your lawn needs more water, the system can automatically turn on and water your lawn appropriately. If your lawn is retaining moisture or recently received rainfall, the system can skip a scheduled watering. It’s as easy as that!

In addition, sprinkler automation systems are equipped with timers so you can set them up once and forget about it. When it comes to lawn care, it doesn’t get much easier or more convenient than setting up an automatic irrigation system and letting that system do all the work for you!

Automatic Sprinkler Components

Sprinkler System Installation hands repairing pipe 3 by 2

There are many parts to an automatic sprinkler system that make it work so efficiently, and setting them up on your own can be time-consuming and difficult. Oliviers knows how to assemble and program every aspect of your automatic sprinkler system to make your life and lawn care more convenient. Below are the most crucial components of sprinkler automation that we will take care of for you:

  • Controllers/Timers: This can be thought of as the clock that constantly runs and lets your system know when to operate.
  • Valves: These components are attached to the water lines and are controlled when to open and shut by the timers.
  • Sensors: Rain, temperature, and other factors can be detected by sensors that will adjust the water flow as needed.
  • Pipes: PVC or other materials can be used as pipes that are attached to the main water source for constant lawn hydration.
  • Sprinkler Heads: These inconspicuous devices pop out of the ground to deliver the water all across your landscape.

Why Are Automatic Sprinklers Better Than Manual?

Traditional irrigation systems require manual intervention in order to turn them off and on when needed. This can be time-consuming and often results in overwatering or underwatering your lawn if not done correctly. Hoses can be attached to above-ground sprinklers, but they often get clogged and spring leaks, not to mention the work involved in dragging a hose and sprinkler across your lawn all summer long.

Sprinkler automation is all about ease-of-use and efficiency. Once we install your irrigation system and set it up for automation, you don’t ever have to worry about spending time watering your lawn again! Of course, if anything does go wrong with your automatic sprinkler system, the Oliviers team will be there as soon as possible to take care of any issues. This is our guarantee and promise to all of our customers!

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