Landscape Lighting

Landscape Lighting

As a new homeowner, your first order of business is getting your lawn to maintain a lush appearance and prolonged growing conditions. Over time, however, once you’ve mastered your grass, you’re ready to take on new plants, hardscaping, and landscape lighting. When you can feel your green thumb improving, you might not know where to go from your initial starting point. How can you tell which lights are best for your over all look as well as which lights are the best quality for your needs?


One way that Brothers Lawn Service continues to remain the top name in local Baton Rouge and Lafayette landscape lighting is we provide your best impact for less on every project. When you need to go beyond typical lawns and trees, we are ready to give the best in landscape lighting design & installation services. Whether you know what new elements you prefer to have featured or you’re feeling overwhelmed, we can best assist you with professional advice and better lighting services.


Landscape Lighting Design Baton Rouge & Lafayette


In many cases, a homeowner will seek out a dedicated landscape designer or yard architect for their lawn renovation needs. However, these service providers often take your designs to the extreme, costing more than you expected and left your yard looking like a theme park with colored lights. Instead, we focus on smaller scale lighting design options that make your lawns appear as your perfect dream home. We install the best mix of smaller and larger featured lighting to accent your home best.


Before long, you will see your lighting dreams turn into reality, creating your ideal backyard oasis. When we service your yard, it’ll be ready for that summer barbecue or patio herb garden you’ve been planning. When other landscaping service providers take your plans too far, you can always rest assured that we maintain your best interests in mind. Call us first for the straightforward landscape lighting designs that look right at home on your lawn.



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