We strongly believe in the planning process. Over the past several years, we have learned the extra time spent on the design process allows us to make sure we have addressed your wants and desires properly. As we always say, we can change things on paper free and easy but changes after installation are difficult and expensive. We want to make sure we are meeting your expectations and desires. The planning process ensures this occurs.


First, our crews will remove any unwanted plants and landscaping we are not including in the new hardscape. We normally recommend removing all old shrubs. It is difficult to achieve a balanced look when some mature plants are kept. The size differences between mature and new plants simply are difficult to balance. There are exceptions to this rule, like mature hedgerows, ornamental trees like yaupon hollies, crape myrtles, vitex, etc. Most of the time a blank canvas is the best pallet to work from. This will all be determined during the design process.


Secondly, we maximize a focal point. By identifying where the main area of interest will be located our design experts can help you accent and draw attention naturally in the desired area. Whether your dream is sitting around a custom fire pit at night or enjoying a peaceful afternoon in the shade of your pergola, our team is ready to make that a reality.


Thirdly, we will stage the plants. Sometimes after staging we may shift a plant or two around to make sure the intended goal is achieved. This phase is where we really take a step back and make sure the we have considered all the details that really make an outdoor area feel like an extension of your home.


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